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You pay a sum of INR 3.5 per word. The above rate is for 100 words only. The rate includes service tax of 15%. With this price, you get two rounds of editing and proofreading free of cost! Additionally, you can ask for content consultation with this package!
Place an order for either Web, Landing or Sales Pages!

Most websites have 10-20 pages which showcase services, ideas, products, and conversations. Resounding words are written to engage more customers or visitors on the website. Millions of words are churned out every day on the virtual web. However, quality immensely matters for each page of the website, be it web pages, landing pages or sales pages.

If you wish to add more words for Web, Landing or Web Pages; increase the quantity of your purchase. For instance, if you wish to order for 700 words, you select 7 in VIEW CART’s dropdown option. 

Click on this link- https://plushpenchants.com/terms-conditions/ to know about terms and conditions of project deadlines, refunds, payments and other essential details!


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