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Last modified: June 1, 2017

Visual Restaurant VAT Billing software has developed for beer bar, fast food corner, restaurant, sweet corners, Bakery, ice-cream parlor, hotels, Cafeteria, Pizza-Hut, Pizzeria, Home Delivery (based on customer’s mobile number) Counter, club, Corporate Catering on customized concept of KOT ( Kitchen Order Token ) system. Software allows to make bill without KOT system. This software provide total item sale summary and daily sales summary without any burden. You can maintain stock regularly. 

Compu- Restaurant Billing Software brings complete solution for managing restaurant in faster and too easier way. This window based software genuinely provides you appropriate medium to fast entry and accurate output of desired input. We presents you brief outline of this software which really helps you to understand it clearly.

Various kind of billing system for different kind of outlets:

Dine In Restaurant, Bar
Bill performa has been designed to generate bill by KOT System, KOT Module is available android too.

Fast Food, Sweet Shop
Coupon or Token Bill (without kot) for for all kind of food outlet like take away, Dine In, Sweets corner. Can be use in parcel (take away), Home Delivery and self service system in form of Sales Invoice and Tax Invoice.

Multiple Kitchen Printing
KOT will be split as per items serving kitchen. like single order have multiple items which concerning to different kitchen will directly send to their kitchen printer and their KOT have only those item which will relate to their kitchen.

Guest Record
Compu Restaurant save customer detail for reference in future. Home Delivery system by searching customer detail on his mobile number.

Inventory/ Recipe Management
Software has a systematically stock management system for both kind of items as trading andr recipe Items. Vouchers are in software Purchase, Sales, Store Inward, Kitchen Inward.

Recommended Printer
We do not recommended any speical printer, you can use any pritner which can be install on your windows control panel like thermal, laserjet, inkjet and EPOS (Dot Matrix Printer).



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