Google Adwords or Bing Ads

Last modified: May 1, 2017

What will you get?

Product Details as Below:

Google  types of Ad Campaigns:

a) Search Network with Display Select:

(Best Opportunity to reach most customers)

b) Search Network Only:

(Google Search & Search partners)

c) Display Network Only:

(Google’s network of partner websites

d) Shopping:

(Best way to create shopping Ads)

e) Video:

(Video Ads on YouTube & across the webs)

f) Universal App campaign:

   (Promote your App across Search, Display & YouTube)

Fees are collected for any one campaign set-up with 3 Approved Ads and Adwords Payment for one Month Monitoring, Target location-India/Any, Goal-Single-e.g Search Network with Display Select, Demographic location-Male and Females/Male or females, Audience Age- (Min.18 ) as per Customer Choice, For any Clarification Contact us.


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  • I am Corporate Sales Trainer, having more than 15+ years experience in I.T, Digital Marketing and Corporate Trainings.I am a Google certified professional on AdWords and Analytics. In addition, I have experience in Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing.