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Last modified: June 5, 2017

Facebook is one of the top traffic generated social media site over web.  However, It was developed with an idea to connect with your family and friends too. Today Facebook has more than 69 million active users in India, till 2016. And approximately more than 1.79 billion active users in world.

In recent times Facebook started several business features to its software. Some of them are highly recommended for start-ups and those who are in display business.

In this blog, I am going to share few  good business features offer by Facebook. Facebook Paid and Free marketing options: –

Facebook  Marketing  Paid Options :

  • Click to websites : Get clicks on your website via Facebook page.
  • Page Likes : Increase your Facebook page likes
  • Brand Awareness : Creating an awareness of your brand
  • App Engagements : Engages More people on your app.
  • App Install : Install your app on Facebook page
  • Lead Generation : News Feed & Full Context . Get direct leads from potential customers
  • Local Business awareness : Create an awareness in your neighbourhood
  • Page Post engagements : Get your post engaged to millions
  • Store Creation : Create your online store with direct buying options
  • Store Visit : Let’s more and more people visit your store
  • Video  Views : Your videos are important, Facebook offers video promotion option
  • Event Responses : Create an event and it’s responses

 Facebook Marketing – Free options

Facebook Feature No One (01) : Facebook offers creating your business page, you can create your own business page through your personal account. Simply, log on to your Facebook account and click on Create Page. This option is given under Dashboard’s extreme top right hand side column.

You will get 06 (six) options over here, you can choose any option according to your business profile. Follow the steps and create your Facebook business page.

Create a Button on your Facebook page

You can create a button on page main banner and connect it to your web page. Simply, click on button option given right hand side under your main banner.

Facebook paid option offer you to  advertise your page to a category of people according to community, age group, location and interest. There are 04 option under advertisement :

  1. Boost your post/blog : You can boost your content blogs , Videos or news articles to your friends and people who likes your page. It’s a free option but limited to the audiences.
  2. Clicks on website : You can also increase your website clicks through your post (must be link with your website home page or other).

 Facebook Marketing Budget

In several case, Facebook is flexible with budget except lead generation and awareness, wherein minimum budget required is not less than 5000.00. In other cases like  boost post and likes, you can start with as low as Rs. 100 per day.

We are expert in promoting your business on Facebook, we help you to choose your own budget and do direct payments to Facebook.

Apart from this, you can go  for our Training Program, wherein we trained your office staff on several aspects of digital marketing including Facebook marketing.



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