Advertise on WhatsApp and only PAY PER CLICK

Last modified: March 2, 2017

There are many advertising agencies who claim to give you the moon but in reality may not be effective at all. We at “THE PPC SHOP” make sure your campaigns are done beautifully and with great passion as we do not take up every campaign. We evaluate the product and take responsibility of advertisement designs of your product to ensure maximum market captivity.

This is our flagship product where you PAY only for CLICKS (just ₹.10/click) you have received, ensuring there is a higher return on your investment in advertising your product through us. We use WhatsApp as the medium to Market and Advertise your product and all clicks are traceable based on location and date making it the most effective advertisement campaign you can ever get your hands upon.

Our Pay Per Impression option gives you the opportunity to advertise 2500 hi-fidelity multimedia impressions only at just ₹.1/impression. With over a billion subscribers on WhatsApp today and with over 20 Crore in India alone, this is the very best medium to ensure there is higher and faster turn around from customers.

You may contact us for any clarifications or our other products.


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  • Formerly known popularly as "Advertise on WhatsApp", we were into the plain advertising field, but now we focus on results and ROI rather than just trying to do blind advertisements of your products and brands. We would use all forms of multimedia on social media networks including all our previously...